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SQL Data Platform Modernization Assessment

Quisitive simplifies the process of moving your data to the cloud. 

Our SQL Data Platform Modernization Assessment helps you develop a deep understanding of your company’s current data environment. The assessment validates migration viability and helps discover potential performance and security improvements.

Today’s businesses are challenged to leverage technologies that provide greater insights into their data while reducing the complexity of database administration. The traditional approach to data simply no longer works to drive efficiency and intelligence. Now that Azure enables inexpensive long-term data storage and burstable compute for critical data transformations, moving your data to the cloud is more important than ever.

Your Data Ready to Begin a Seamless Cloud Migration

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Quisitive is a Microsoft-focused solutions and services firm that specializes in imagining, building and sustaining digital transformation and cloud-based technologies that people love to use. Quisitive has consistently been recognized as a leading Microsoft partner for its expertise in digital transformation and cloud-based technologies. Quisitive has offices nationwide.

- Discover migration blockers, warnings, risks, and applications that are integral to the migration. 
- Get a roadmap of your journey from on-premise to the cloud with recommendations to mitigate the key blockers, warnings, and risks identified.

- Discover missing, overlapping and unused indexes, data and log files statistics, SQL agent performance assessment, constraints and more.
- Get a complete evaluation of the performance of your current environment, including a virtual log  with recommendations. 

- Discover any security vulnerabilities and exposed at-risk data that may threaten your environment.
- Get an analysis of your security vulnerabilities and summary of actionable recommendations to enhance database security.

Additional Deliverable:
- Customized report with analysis of options to adopt a modern data platform. 

Perfect for organizations taking the first steps in their cloud journey, this assessment will discover information in databases and servers that you may not have even known you need.